What We Do

  • We Support  pupil/student in primary and secondary school, this will make a direct and profound difference in a child’s life. We ensure that a child gets a quality education, nutritious food,medical care and spiritual nourishment.

         Sponsorship for primary per child annually is Kshs. 23,040.00=  €230.4

        Sponsorship for Secondary per student is Kshs. 63,487= €634.8

  • Support a parent/guardian to start a small local business so as to improve their livelihood and make a living in the society

         Sponsorship to start small local business per parent: Kshs. 20,000= €200

  • Support groups of people living with HIV
  • Conduct youth Behavioral change programmes

Support a youth in technical vocational skill training: This will enable them to access meaningful employment and see life in a new perspective.

Vocational training per youth: Kshs.55,000= €550

Sponsored skills: plumbing, mechanic, hair dressing and beauty, barber, tailoring, electrical wiring etc


Some of our youth persuing catering course