Sustainability Initiatives


Agri business in Juja farm.

The farm is meant to supplement feeding programme in schools, offer practical lessons to pupils and students who do not know any life outside the slums and the profits made are re invested into the farming projects. The main activities include food crops, chicken and fish farming.

Fish Farming

Pupils assisting in harvesting mature

The farm has four medium fish ponds with each containing different sizes of the fish. One pond has mature cat fish weighing averagely 1Kg. each and is ready for harvesting, another pond has four months old tilapia fish while the remaining two ponds has one month old fingerlings.


Local chicken ready for slaughtering.

We started with 100 local chicken which are all mature now, several hens are laying eggs. Most of the mature cocks have been sold. We plan to increase the stock through natural hatchery (brooding) of the eggs.

Vegetable Farming

Vegetable farming has been very successful due to irrigation with water from the river which is flowing near the farm. Recently over 500 cabbages were harvested and taken to the school There are also onions and spinach which will be soon ready for harvesting.


Last season a total of seven bags (90Kg) each of beans were harvested. This was below the projected quantity due unreliable rainfall pattern. Right now the field has been ploughed in readiness for rain so that maize and beans can be planted.