Educational Programmes


What started in a very simple way in 2006 has now developed into  two Primary Schools, Madoya and St. Clare’s. St. Clare’s has also  St. John Bosco and New Life and New Hope as  satellite ECD centres and junior classes. Five years ago HCH started St. Francis Secondary School to provide secondary education for our pupils from St. Clare’s primary school.

Identification of children for admission into these schools are done by the Social Workers through house visits and community structures. All the identified children are school age children but are not in any school due to poverty, irresponsibility of the parents and cost of schooling in both public and private schools around.

Madoya Center

Dr O’Neill, Irish Ambassador to Kenya opening a new staffroom in Madoya School

Madoya primary school is situated in one of poorest slums and close to a river. The area is prone to flooding especially during rainy season, therefore the structures are raised with metallic bars.  Due to lack of space, it can only accommodate up to class 6. After which the pupils join St. Clare for class 7 & 8. The number of children attending this Primary School currently  is 295. Despite their extremely poor surroundings the children here are very keen to learn.

Extra-curriculum activities

Children’s Rights training is carried out in the schools so that they  become aware of their rights, responsibilities and be able to champion for their own rights.  They  are involved in various extra-curricular activities which include: Environmental Club, a Scouting Club and various Ball Games.

St.Clare, New Life, New Hope and St.John Bosco Primary Schools

St.Clare Primary SchoolsSt. Clare primary school is the main stream which also receives children from the satellites centers namely New Life, New Hope , St. John Bosco and the local community . It is situated within  korogocho slum  which  is faced  by various challenges .i.e  infrastructure,   criminal activities ,prostitution and sanitation .HCH is committed to restoring dignity and creating hope  among its target group.

In our schools we  provide  morning break porridge and a hot meal at lunch time.were are doing this  in partnership with  Feed the Children Organization which provide us with cereals and   cooking oil yearly .  In addition to the above, they also provide flat  shoes to all the children. The rest of the food items e.g. porridge flour, sugar, vegetables, fruits etc we get support from other well-wishers mainly Caritas Bozen and Caritas Karnten. HCH also provide school outfit (uniform) to each child which is a requirement from both the government and Feed the Children Organization for easier identification especially during the times when meals are being served.

St. Francis of Assisi secondary school

Students in Library

St. Francis of Assisi is a modern Secondary school that was established in 2012 to offer secondary education to our children from the primary and other needy  students from  the local communities. it has an average performance.