Hands of Care and Hope

1ST MARCH 1936 – 7TH NOV 2012

Hands of Care and Hope is a project run by the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa and a team of dedicated staff with varied professional background in Kariobangi Parish which is classified into Huruma, Ngei and Korogocho, Nairobi Kenya.

The project was started by the late Sr. Lydia Pardeller of the Franciscan Missionary Sisters for Africa in order to address the poverty in the area. The project functions as an umbrella body that co-ordinates several Programmes.
It is registered as a faith based organization and co-ordinates with other groups working in the area.

The overall AIM is to address the chronic poverty in the area through educational, developmental and empowerment programmes. It concentrates on helping the less fortunate members of the society; the unemployed youth, Single mothers,  orphans,  street children and people living with HIV.